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Dr. Ruud Gerards
-Economist, researcher, lecturer, projectleader. Specialized in labour economics and strategic HRM.
-Research fellow at the Researchcentre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Maastricht University.
-Editor at Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken (TvA).
-Available for opportunities. Contact me to discuss possibilities.


E: r.gerards at maastrichtuniversity.nl

W: LinkedIn profile page


Recent events



  • Nov.: Interview with Taylor & Francis to talk about my research on unemployment benefit eligibility criteria and to talk about my experiences publishing open access. (Link)
  • Nov.: Invited seminar speaker at Zadelhoff Nyenrode institute for real estate research, where I presented an overview of my research on employee outcomes of hybrid working - with special attention to the role of the office-building - to an audience of real estate professionals. Nyenrode Business University, 8 Nov.
  • Jun: Journal articles published on the effects of work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic on employee burn-out (link to this article) and our thoughts and perspectives as editors on telework during and since the pandemic (link to our editorial), published in the latest edition of Dutch language journal Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken, which I edited together with Pascale Peters.
  • May: Media appearance on BNR News radio to comment on the inflation, interest rate and wage bargaining process. Listen here: Link
  • Mar.: Journal article published on the effect of unemployment benefit requirements on the affected unemployed person's perceived time pressure. The paper is available open access in Social Science Quarterly, here.


  • Nov.: Research report published on the dynamics of financial worries and the effects on well-being and labour market behaviour. Available here.
  • Nov.: Journal article published on the relation between New Ways of Working during COVID-19 and workers' Technostress, Need for recovery, Work engagement and Well-being. The paper is available Open Access here.
  • Nov.: Media appearance on RTL-Z News to comment on the tight labour market for technically trained personnel. Watch here from minute 3:00: Link
  • Oct.: Commissioned research report on the increasingly tight labour market for technically trained personnel in The Netherlands. Link
  • Mar.: Journal article published in the Journal of Economic Psychology, on the effects of financial hardship on unemployed's job search quality and job search effectiveness. The paper is available Open Access here.


  • May-Jul: Media coverage for our recent journal article about benefit eligibility requirements as The Guardian refers to our recent paper and we were invited to contribute articles to The Conversation, and to Austaxpolicy. Together with quite some attention for our article on Twitter, this shows how timely and relevant our research is.
  • May: Journal article published. I'm happy with the publication of our paper (with Riccardo Welters) on the effects of benefit eligibility requirements on the job search behaviour and labour market outcomes of unemployed, in Applied Economics Letters - available Open Access for anyone to read here.
  • Mar.: Commissioned research report + methodological report published for a project I led on the connection between education and the labour market - or the school-work transition - for the ‘green sector’ in The Netherlands. For this project, together with stakeholders in the sector, we constructed a custom classification of the ‘green sector’ in terms of which educational programs (crebo/croho), industries (SBI) and occupations (ISCO) belong to the ‘green sector’. Link to report and link to methodological report. Both in Dutch.
  • Feb.: Joined editorial board. I'm honoured and delighted to join the editorial board of Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsvraagstukken (TvA) - the Dutch-language peer-reviewed journal on issues concerning the labor market, work organization, labor relations and working conditions. Link



  • Sep.: Journal article published. I'm happy that our paper 'New Ways of Working and Intrapreneurial Behaviour: the mediating role of Transformational Leadership and Social Interaction', together with Sanne van Wetten and Cecile van Sambeek has been published in Review of Managerial Science and is available Open Access for anyone to read. Link
  • Sep.: Journal article published. I'm happy that our paper 'Do New Ways of Working increase informal learning at work?', together with Andries de Grip and Arnoud Weustink has now been published in Personnel Review. Link
  • Jun.: Journal article published in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, on the effects of liquidity constraints on the unemployed's job search behavior and labour market outcomes. Available Open Access for anyone to read, here.
  • Apr.: Journal article published. I'm happy that our paper 'Are graduates’ intrapreneurial skills optimally used for innovation?', together with Sanne van Wetten and Andries de Grip has been published in Technovation and available Open Access for anyone to read online. Link.
  • Mar.: Commissioned research article published. We studied the relation between work pressure, work engagement and turnover intention for Dutch public sector employees, commissioned by the Ministery of Interior and Kingdom Relations. Link
  • Jan.: Visiting researcher abroad. I spent some weeks at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia, working together with Dr. Riccardo Welters putting the finishing touches to two of our papers, catching up with all the friends and colleagues I got to know throughout my past visits, as well as getting to know some new friendly folks! Thanks for everyone who made my stay this great and productive again.